Martina Goetze Vinci


I was born in Hamburg in Northern Germany. After graduating from high school in Artistic Studies, I moved to Florence for a year to further my knowledge of Italian language and culture. Later in Germany, I graduated at the Kommunikationsakademie in Hamburg in Communication Sciences, contemporarily cultivating my passion for art, notably painting and drawing, attending the Wolfgang Krenkel School of Art.

During my studies, I worked in advertisement, whilst my desire to travel and learn about foreign cultures took me to South America, especially to Bolivia, for extended periods of time. The colours and emotions inspired by my travel have become essential components of my artistic expression.

Returning from South America, I moved back to Italy, this time to Milan, where I worked for major international communication agencies. Here I also continued my artistic education, autonomously at first and later attending the Brera Academy of Fine Arts.

The beauty of its landscapes and art and the Italian way of moving through life as if it were a dance, with lightness, elegance, sensuality, passion, intensity and love for life have become themes I like to evoke in every piece of art.

Currently I live and work between Northern Italy and Hamburg.


Since 2012 I have exhibited in Italy, Switzerland, France, Great Britain and the USA.

Besides many collective expositions, over the past few years, 2017 stands out for a personal exhibition at the Galleria Monogramma, Via Margutta in Rome as part of the award “ModArt premio Margutta”.In the same year I exhibited some of my work at the Italian General Consulate in Miami, Florida and was present with a collective installation at the 57th Biennale in Venice.

In 2018 my work was exhibited at a bi-personal at the Renzo Piano Building/Il Sole 24 ore in Milan and was ranked second in the painting section in the “Open Art” contest by the Biblioteca Angelica of Rome, for the originality of my technique.

In 2019 was set up a personal anthologic exhibition in Varese, curated by Fabrizia Buzio Negri under the patronage of the city and the province Varese. In this occasion the monograph “Martina Goetze Vinci –Suspended Stories” curated by Fabrizia Buzio Negri was published. Both in 2019 and 2020 I was invited to participate at the 46th International Exhibition of Contemporary Art of Sulmona – Sulmona Award, where I received in 2019 a special mention from the jury presided over by Vittorio Sgarbi

In 2020 I was invited in occasion of the Culture Program to celebrate the German presidency in the Council of the European Community, to exhibit my works in a personal show in the rooms of the Joint Research Centre of the EU, Ispra, Italy. Due to the COVID -19 restrictions the exhibition was shown online.

I am mentioned in the volumes of Collezione Arte Contemporanea 2016, Artisti d’Italia 2018 and the historicization of Art Historian Prof. Rosario Pinto “Fra Tradizione e Innovazione”