Exhibition curriculum

Personal Exhibitions


  • Joint Research Centre of the EU, Ispra, Italy, “Pure Energy”. Invited as German painter, in occasion of the Culture Program to celebrate the German presidency in the Council of the European Community, my exhibition “Pure Energy” was only shown online, due to the COVID -19 restrictions


  • Spazio Futuro Anteriore, Varese, “Suspended Stories”, anthologic art show curated by Fabrizia Buzio Negri with the patronages of the city and the region Varese. In this occasion is published the monography with the same title


  • Palazzo Renzo Piano/il Sole 24ore, Milan, “Human Landscapes” ( together with the sculptor Veronica Mazzucchi ), curated by Fabrizia Buzio Negri


  • Gallery Monogramma Arte Contemporanea, Via Margutta, Rome, in occasion of the cultural award “Premio Margutta”


  • Sala Comunale – Cuveglio Val Travaglia (VA), “Reflections of the soul”

Collective Exhibitions


  • Museum hall Sala Veratti, Varese, “CONTEMPORARY”


  • ​Diocesan museum center, Sulmona, 46th Premio Sulmona (AQ) contemporary Art exhibition and contest ( My painting “Kiss me, Canova “ gets a special mention by the jury presided over by prof Vittorio Sgarbi)
  • Deconsecrated Church San Giulio, Cassano Magnago (VA) “Expressions of being”
  • Villa Fumagalli, Laveno (VA) “The descreet charm of a province called Varese” (with the Circle of artists of Varese)
  • Space “ex Colonia Elioterapica”, Germignaga, “Tribute to Ginetto Piatti” (with the Circle of Artists of Varese)


  • Biblioteca Angelica, Rome, “Open Art”, international contest of painting, sculpture and photography ( my painting “Tribal Dancer 2” gets awarded 2nd in the painting section for the originality of the technique.
  • Biblioteca dell’ Università di Pavia, “Medicamenta et Curae”, (with the artist group Animus Anima)
  • Townhall of Laglio (CO), “Medicamenta et Curae”, (with the group Animus Anima)
  • Park Hotel “Ai Cappuccini”, Gubbio (PG) an homage to the city of Gubbio
  • Villa Oliva, Cassano Magnago (VA), “October Art”


  • Gallery Monogramma Arte Contemporanea, Via Margutta, Rome, “Roma I Margutta” (with the artist group “Officina Lombarda”)
  • Tibet Pavilion in conjunction of the 57th Biennale di Venezia (collective installation with artists of the Circle of Artists of Varese)
  • Cloister of Cairate (VA) “appearances”
  • General Consulate of Italy, Miami, Florida “Buongiorno Miami” (exhibition in collaboration with the gallery Monogramma in occasion of the Italian Culture Month in Florida)


  • 5th Gallery, Heneage Street, London, “Another Italy”
  • Cloister of Voltorre, Gavirate (VA), “Artistic Shapes” (with the Circle of Artists of Varese)
  • Humanitarian Foundation, Milan, “Ethic of beauty” (with the association Arte da mangiare, mangiare Arte)


  • Galleria Scoglio di Quarto, Via Scoglio di Quarto, Milan, in occasion of an artistic dialogue between the Fine Art Academies of Hamburg and Milan
  • Palazzo Renzo Piano/il Sole 24ore, Milan, in occasion of EXPO Milan “Mother Earth” (with the artist group “Officina Lombarda”) in occasion of the EXPO in Milan
  • DepurArt Lab Gallery (open art gallery at the old purification plant) Milan, “A drop of water” in occasion of the EXPO in Milan
  • Stables of Villa Borromeo, Arcore, “Authors glances” ,exhibition presented by Giorgio Grassi
  • Gallery Alter Ego, Ponte Tresa, Switzerland, “Abstr-Actions”
  • Pinacoteca d’Arte Moderna “le Porte”, Naples, “Christmas in Naples”
  • Castle of Mornago, Masnago, Varese, “Dante’s Comedy”


  • ​Gallery Etienne de Causans, Rue du Seine, Paris, “Paris Alert” (with the group “officina Lombarda”)
  • Palazzo Borromeo, Arese (MI); “Palace Painters”, Painting award, ( My picture “Requiem for an unknown tree” receives a special mention for the technique)
  • Palazzo Branda, Castiglione Olona (VA), “ time and place, reality and mystery” (with circle of artists of Varese)